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Translucent Walls and Panels

Translucent Panels

Where Versatility, Design, and Durability Come Together


For interior and exterior applications ranging from quickly and attractively separating a space, to providing daylighting that’s as stunning as it is durable – translucent panels from Kal-Lite provide an ideal and fully customizable solution.

With the largest palette of colors available combined with virtually any sizing option, Kal-Lite has worked with architects, designers, contractors, and building owners to bring color, light, and a new aesthetic to indoor and outdoor spaces of every size and shape.

Custom Translucent Panels - Your needs, Your Specifications

With the ability to quickly produce custom translucent panels in an exhaustive range of shapes, sizes, and colors, Kal-Lite provides an ideal solution whether you need to quickly transform a space or achieve a specific visual effect.

Translucent panels from Kal-Lite offer a variety of benefits, including:

translucent wall
  • Custom colors and color matching
  • Curved or flat panels
  • Panels that will easily fit into any standard or custom grid
  • Custom cutting for nonstandard sizes, unique patterns
  • Designs for sheets, clouds, decorative ceilings, lay-in ceilings, partitions, and walls
  • And much more...

The Big Difference - "What is FRP and why is it Better for Translucent Paneling?"

When it comes to structures, you have plenty of options. There’s wood, steel, aluminum, ceramic, drywall, and numerous varieties of plastic. But wood can rot, steel can rust, aluminum will dent, and you can’t count on ceramics, drywall, or many plastics to offer the structural and chemical properties you need. That’s where fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) comes in. Perfected by Kal-Lite’s parent company, Kalwall, FRP is perhaps the best solution for translucent paneling for four reasons: Energy, durability, aesthetics, and compliance

translucent wall panels


Translucent FRP paneling boasts incredible energy benefits with its ability to transmit light. Translucent panels are used in a wide variety of applications to offer natural lighting that passively improves energy efficiency in spaces of every kind. Additionally, FRP weighs significantly less than other competing materials, making it easier to transport and install.

FRP’s natural benefits have earned it recognition by the U.S. Department of Energy for being a material that will help industries across the country meet the growing need for energy efficiency.


translucent ceiling panels

FRP is designed to be resilient, highly durable, and resistant to moisture, mildew, and corrosives. In addition, the structural properties of FRP make this kind of translucent sheet a low-maintenance alternative to many other materials. The inherent durability and resistance of FRP is another characteristic that has earned it recognition from the U.S. Department of Energy as a material that will “deliver a competitive advantage for U.S. industry.


With virtually any color a possibility and the ability to custom-cut translucent FRP panels to suit your specific space and application, anything is possible, from canopies and decorative designs to vibrant room separators and low-maintenance decorative translucent wall paneling.


In addition to offering durability, style, and energy savings, translucent FRP panels also help builders and architects meet a number of safety standards, including general purpose fire ratings (Class C) or low flame (Class A). On top of this, translucent FRP panels also offer an additional leg-up over other materials with their natural corrosion, moisture, and mildew resistance, making the material ideal for applications that require a higher sanitation standard.

Applications for translucent panels

Translucent panels cover a wide range of applications, and have been used everywhere from restaurants and shopping centers to museums and amusement parks to present the memorable look and feel our customers want to convey. To learn more about translucent panels contact us or call 800.526.1609 to speak to one of our experts today.

translucent wall systems
  • Colorful canopies
  • Translucent ceilings for vibrant daylighting
  • Translucent sheets for room separation
  • Wall paneling
  • Translucent clouds and shapes
  • Decorative ceiling and wall installations
  • And much more

Fast Facts: Translucent Paneling from Kal-Lite

Sizes and Finishes

While custom sizes are where Kal-Lite excels, some of the possible dimensions available include:

translucent wall panels
  • Thickness: .045", .060", .090", .120" are standard, or up to .170" are possible
  • Widths: up to 60", 48" standard.
  • Length: 8', 9', 10' and 12' standard
  • Lengths to 500' available in rolls
  • Custom cuts available.

In addition to offering custom colors and sizes, we are also capable of providing a variety of finishes, including pebbled, matte, linen, hexpin, smooth and wood grain.

Fire Ratings

translucent panel systems
  • General Purpose; Class C.
  • Low Flame, LF; Class A.