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Many times, when builders, contractors, and architects need translucent sheeting they end up with polycarbonate or acrylic. This begs the question, "is polycarbonate sheeting what you really want?"

For years, Kal-Lite has perfected the way we manufacture fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) to yield an end product with better performance qualities, tremendous impact resistance, and much more. Better yet, we can provide it for less than polycarbonate is typically available for - introducing a more than suitable alternative to polycarbonate translucent sheeting.

Whether you need translucent sheeting for paneling, protection, or decoration - Kal-Lite FRP is a solution that gives you custom colors, custom sizes, and superior performance.

Consider the benefits of FRP versus polycarbonate:

  • You get more for your money:
    The price of FRP is better than polycarbonate, while still delivering better performance in a number of areas.
  • All of our capabilities are better:
    If you want your translucent sheeting tinted, no problem. If you need custom sizes, sure. Or if you need it opaque as opposed to translucent - we can handle that too.
  • The physical properties of FRP are superior:
    The expansion and contraction qualities of polycarbonate leave much to be desired, making it unreliable in a number of applications.
  • FRP is easily mounted and/or drilled without cracking:
    Polycarbonate can crack when you drill it
  • Our product is a homogenous sheet:
    Because of the way our FRP is manufactured, it is one single sheet. This makes it impossible for it to be contaminated or penetrated by anything, while also allowing the frequent use of mild soaps.
  • FRP holds up to most acids and alkalis:
    Because of its homogenous construction, FRP stands up against harsh chemicals and fumes, making it useful for industrial settings.
  • Clarity and finishes will not disappear

Why Settle for Polycarbonate When You Can't Get What You Want

With FRP from Kal-Lite, you get the custom colors, sizes, and specifications you need. This not only helps you get the look you need, it helps you save money by wasting less material, it speeds up installation, and it helps you get the job done right the first time. Combined with short lead times, we're positive that our FRP/GRP solutions as a polycarbonate alternative you'll fine are extremely valuable.

Some FRP solutions Kal-Lite has provided in the past have included:

For more on the custom and standard FRP options available to you and how FRP might be the better choice for your application, contact us or call 800.526.1609 to speak to one of our experts today.