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When it comes to manufacturing FRP suitable for a wide variety of industries and applications, we don't cut any corners. This is precisely why we offer our 2 different class (a) fire rated FRP materials to help you stay up to code and meet your needs for fire resistance.

Our standard and custom FRP products have proudly met our customers' expectations for quality in every way possible, this includes our industry leading fire ratings that have helped us continually provide a combination of the best FRP solutions and the world's best fire rated FRP.

Fire Rated Wall - Low Flame FRP

While Kal-Lite FRP is combustible, low flame FRP boasts a burn rate of less than 1.5 inches per minute by ASTM D635, allowing it to meet all class A interior finishing requirements for most building codes. It has not been tested outside of the E84 tunnel tests. As its name implies, it features very low flame spread and smoke generation (15 flame spread / 370 smoke generation).

Low Flame and Smoke FRP

The 20/100 low flame, low smoke (LF&S) class (a) fire rated FRP. This is the world's best fire rating based on the results of the ASTM E84 test, it features low flame and low smoke and is FM approved for use as ceiling tiles.

Kal-Lite Low Flame and Smoke FRP Meets Various Requirements, Making it a Suitable Material for a Number of Industries

FM Approvals
  • USDA Accepted:
    The United States Department of Agriculture has accepted Kal-Lite Low Flame & Smoke (LF&S) fiberglass reinforced plastic sheets because of their composition and suitability for applications that come under USDA/Canadian Food service jurisdiction.
  • Meets Code Requirements:
    By passing tests for a flame spread rating of 20 and smoke generation of 100, Kal-Lite FRP LF&S meets class 1 interior finish and smoke development requirements of the three major model building codes.
  • Greater problem solving capabilities:
    While Kal-Lite is already well known for its ease of use and upkeep, LF&S adds a great degree of safety by improving flame resistance and low-smoke properties.
  • Greater savings:
    By more effectively protecting your business, LF&S is often given additional consideration by insurance companies. Additionally, installation of LF&S might also make sprinkler installation unnecessary
  • Greater resistance to chemicals:
    every formulation of Kal-Lite FRP more effectively resists fumes, chemicals, and otherwise harmful environments more effectively than many other materials.
  • Life safety applications such as hospitals, senior living facilities, and prisons

Combine Custom FRP with the Fire Ratings You Need

Fire rated class (a) fire rated wall and FRP from Kal-Lite boasts all the same benefits you would normally expect from Kal-Lite FRP. It is perfect for your interior or exterior application, available in custom colors, custom sizes as wide as 5 feet and a variety of finishes including:

  • Finishes
  • Textured
  • Smooth
  • Hexpin
  • Linen
  • Matte
  • Fire Ratings
  • Thickness: .045", .060", .090", .120" are standard. Others available down to .037" or up to .170" are possible
  • Widths: up to 60", 48" standard.
  • Length: 8', 9', 10' and 12' standard
  • Lengths to 500' available in rolls
  • Custom cuts available.
  • Moldings
  • Matching moldings for inside and outside corners, end caps and dividers are available in a variety of lengths and in sizes to handle any Kal-Lite thickness.

For more information on Fire Rated Panels from Kal-Lite and how we can help make your concept a reality, please don't hesitate to contact us or call 800.526.1609 to speak to one of our experts today.