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About Kal-Lite
As a subsidiary of the KalWall Corporation, Kal-Lite has spent years developing a product line of opaque and translucent FRP that meets the highest standards. The history of Kalwall dates back to 1955, when Robert Keller invented the translucent sandwich panel, a building composite far superior to plastic, polycarbonate, or glass in a number of ways.

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Custom FRP
It's not often that an FRP manufacturer can truly claim that the possibilities are virtually limitless, but with our capability to provide custom colors, sizes, and shapes – it's a claim we make with full confidence. Having provided solutions to an extremely wide range of industries, the only question that remains is, "how can we help you?"

Decorative Translucent Ceilings
Decorative ceilings are stylish way to give virtually any space the unique look and feel that you want. For years, Kal-Lite has manufactured custom FRP ceiling tiles and panels in the sizes, shapes, and custom colors that have helped our customers achieve the perfect look when it comes to lighting and design.

When you need fiberglass reinforced plastic that is superior to the other options available to you, Kal-Lite is ready to provide it. We regularly provide small and large production runs of virtually any color with short lead times to help keep your project moving on schedule.

Fiber Reinforced Composites
Over the years, Kal-Lite has had the opportunity to provide a number of creative solutions for customers ranging from architects and designers to original equipment manufacturers and shipping providers. We've done this by combining our industry leading FRP with custom colors and sizes to perfectly suit even the most specific applications.

Fire Rated Wall & Ceiling Panels
When it comes to manufacturing FRP suitable for a wide variety of industries and applications, we don't cut any corners. This is precisely why we offer our 2 different class (a) fire rated FRP materials to help you stay up to code and meet your needs for fire resistance.

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic
When you need fiberglass reinforced plastic that is superior to the other options available to you, Kal-Lite is ready to provide it. We regularly provide small and large production runs of virtually any color with short lead times to help keep your project moving on schedule.

FRP Data Sheets
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FRP Photos & Examples
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FRP Plastic Signs
There's a reason why they call a sign, a sign. That is, because it signifies something about what lies beyond it. If it's a sign for your business, its quality and presentation is pivotal. If it's informational, it's critical that the message is relayed properly. With that in mind, whether you need a sign to better represent your business or a sign that informs others what lies ahead, FRP sign material from Kal-Lite is the perfect way to do it.

FRP Products
At Kal-Lite, we've spent years honing our ability to provide customers from an extremely diverse range of industries with the FRP products they need. Whether that means translucent fiberglass or opaque fiberglass, we've taken on the challenge of being the one FRP manufacturer that says "YES" to custom colors, odd sizes, short runs, more finishes, and challenging prototypes.

FRP Wall Panels
When you need tough, USDA accepted, fiberglass reinforced plastic sheets Kal-Lite has you covered with a standard and custom solutions that are sure to fit virtually every application. Customers in industries around the world have discovered the benefit of FRP as an extremely tough and resilient non-porous surface that's easy to install, easy to clean, and inexpensive when compared to other leading materials.

GRP Panels
Glass reinforced plastic (GRP) is one of the most versatile materials available, and Kal-Lite increases that versatility even more by providing you with superior options that provide you with the exact product needed for your specific applications. We frequently provide customers around the world with small and large batches of GRP sheeting in virtually any color and size, while keenly focusing on providing short lead times to keep your project moving on schedule.

Plastic Ceiling Panels
Kal-Lite is a premier manufacturer of opaque fiberglass reinforced ceiling panels suitable for a wide range of applications. Some of the more common applications for ceiling panels include use in bathrooms, kitchens, food processing areas, storage rooms, clean rooms, and more. More importantly, if you have an application that calls for FRP ceiling panels – chances are Kal-Lite can help.

Polycarbonate Plastic Sheets
Many times, when builders, contractors, and architects need translucent sheeting they end up with polycarbonate or acrylic. This begs the question, "is polycarbonate sheeting what you really want?"

Translucent Wall Panels
When you want to add some color and style to virtually any area, translucent products from Kal-Lite are the way to do it. With the largest palette of colors available combined with fully customizable sizing options, we've had the pleasure of providing our customers across the country with translucent panels that set even the trickiest spaces apart as truly remarkable.

Kal-Lite Case Studies
Kal-Lite develops unique products with demanding standards for a specific customer's use. We truly partner with them to solve their product needs