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FRP Signs

There's a reason why they call a sign, a sign. That is, because it signifies something about what lies beyond it. If it's a sign for your business, its quality and presentation is pivotal. If it's informational, it's critical that the message is relayed properly. With that in mind, whether you need a sign to better represent your business or a sign that informs others what lies ahead, FRP sign material from Kal-Lite is the perfect way to do it.

Because of its many strengths, FRP has quickly become the sign industry's number one alternative. It's more resilient than easily damaged aluminum, more dependable than unreliable PVC, and less expensive than laminates. In fact, its many benefits make it the best and most durable panel for use in virtually any situation.

Kal-Lite fiberglass reinforced plastic sign blanks are a superior substrate for your sign project for a number of reasons.

  • FRP is tough and durable:
    with the many benefits of FRP, your sign will stand up against some of the harshest conditions without fading, tearing, or cracking. This includes extreme temperatures, UV light, chemicals, water, dirt, grime and more.
  • FRP offers opaque and translucent options:
    depending on how much light you would like to pass through your sign, Kal-Lite provides opaque options as well as varying degrees of translucency.
  • FRP is completely homogenous:
    because it's constructed of a single non-porous sheet, FRP is easily cleaned, more durable, and more resistant to the elements.
  • FRP is lightweight:
    because of its light weight, FRP is the fabricating material of choice for sign professionals around the world
  • FRP wont dent or crease like Aluminum
  • FRP won't shatter, fade, or warp like PVC
  • FRP is the only plastic that meets government specifications for signs
  • FRP provides easy adherence:
    FRP is receptive to paint, ink, vinyl, glue, adhesives, and reflective overlay materials.
  • Custom Colors:
    as always, Kal-Lite's ability to provide custom colors gives you all the options you need when it comes to manufacturing your signs
  • FRP is easy to work with:
    because of its construction, FRP is easily screened, painted, routed, cut, glued, and drilled – making fabrication easy for any signage professional.
  • Various finishes are available:
    like our other FRP products, FRP signs are available with a number of finishes when needed.

FRP Signs: The Custom Colors, Shapes, and Sizes You Need

When you need a sign, you need it to stand out. With our ability to provide custom cuts, a wide variety of sizes, and unique colors, making your sign stand out won't be a problem at all.

  • Backlit signage
  • Non reflective FRP sheeting
  • Construction signs
  • Regulation signs
  • Business signs
  • And more...

FRP Signs - "What sizes are you capable of?"

At Kal-Lite, we resist specifying what sizes we're capable of, because we're a custom shop. We don't limit you to a list of standard sizes and dimensions, and we push our machines to the limit to provide precisely the sizes you need. Bottom line, if you need an FRP sign – we want to help.

When it comes to FRP signs, standard, minimum, and maximum sizes include:

  • Thickness: .045", .060", .090", .120" are standard. .135, .145 & up to .170" are possible
  • Widths: up to 60", 48" standard.
  • Length: 8', 9', 10' and 12' standard
  • Lengths up to 500' available in rolls
  • Custom cuts available.
Get the Reliable Signage You Need from Kal-Lite

If you need signage that's more reliable than any other material and available in custom colors and sizes, FRP signs from Kal-Lite are the answer. To learn more, contact us or call 800.526.1609 to speak to one of our experts today.