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Custom Color FRP

When it comes to the range of colors we're capable of providing when our customers need FRP, the answer is always pretty simple: Yes.

In most cases, if you need FRP in a specific color, there is a great chance that we already have it in stock. However, if you need FRP in a custom color for projects of any size, mixing together the right colors is always an option.

On top of the many custom colors we're capable of mixing for FRP orders of virtually any size, FRP is also available in various textures. Whether you need a color to match your branding or textured FRP for a specific application, look no further – the answer is 'Yes'.

To get an idea of the variety of texture and color applications we're capable of, take advantage of the tool below and generate an online sample.

First, select your texture:

Sand Pebble
Linen Finish
Hexpin Finish
Frost Finish

Now, select your color:

Or, click through the galleries below to see other samples.