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Fiber Reinforced Composites Manufacturing

Over the years, Kal-Lite has had the opportunity to provide a number of creative solutions for customers ranging from architects and designers to original equipment manufacturers and shipping providers. We've done this by combining our industry leading FRP with custom colors and sizes to perfectly suit even the most specific applications.

Industrial Composites and Kal-Lite FRP - A Perfect Match

With FRP, we can manufacture or prototype to accommodate just about any specification. Additionally, FRP is a perfect solution for composite manufacturing due to both its benefits as a material and our own capabilities as manufacturer.

Composite Manufacturer

  • We are NSF (61) certified: our FRP products can come into contact with drinking water
  • FRP products from Kal-Lite provide three different fire rated materials
  • FRP is impact, rust, corrosion, and chemical resistant
  • Homogenous construction makes FRP sanitary and easy to wash
  • Kal-Lite can custom cut and color to your exact specifications
  • FRP is available in a variety of widths, thicknesses, and lengths (read more on the Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic page)
  • And more...

Industrial Composites Examples:

It would be impossible to comprehensively list the possibilities when it comes to composite manufacturing with FRP from Kal-Lite. However, to demonstrate what's possible, consider a few examples:

The Door Manufacturer
When a door manufacturer was finding that too much time was being spent hand laying fiberglass, Kal-Lite gave him a much better FRP solution that helped him save time and money. To do this we prototyped a product specifically for his need using small batches of custom FRP. Unlike other FRP manufacturers, providing custom sizes, colors, and prototypes for his product was not a problem, and we were happy to help him save time and increase his productivity.

The Warehouse
For another example, consider the amount of energy wasted in lost heat when the overhead door to a warehouse is opened. To solve this problem, we designed and manufactured a translucent mid-white FRP sheeting to put around the dock shelter of a business's receiving area. This solution allowed light to pass through – illuminating the door opening while keeping an air tight seal – reducing heat loss.

Air Freight ULD Container Manufacturer
When a major customer in the shipping industry needed light, translucent, and highly impact resistant ULD containers for easy transport of packages from ground to air, Kal-Lite was happy to help. For these aerospace composites, custom cut and tinted FRP was the ideal solution, providing a tough and shatterproof material with a high strength to weight ratio that is maintenance free.

FRP Composite Manufacturing: The Custom Solutions for Your Specific Need

As you can see, if there's something we do the best at Kal-Lite, it's providing custom solutions. While other FRP manufacturers only offer standard materials, we're proud to rise to the challenge when our clients need something more.

For more information on composite manufacturing, industrial composites, and how fiberglass reinforced plastic can help your bottom line – contact us or call 800.526.1609 to talk to one of our experts today.