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Custom FRP and Reinforced Plastic

Custom FRP

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It's not often that an FRP manufacturer can truly claim that the possibilities are virtually limitless, but with our capability to provide custom colors, sizes, and shapes - it's a claim we make with full confidence.

Having provided solutions to an extremely wide range of industries, the only question that remains is, "how can we help you?"

FRP Sheets - Delivering the best of Form, Function, and Quality

At Kal-Lite, we combine custom capabilities with every inherent benefit available from fiberglass reinforced plastic. What does that mean? It means we never sacrifice function for form, and we approach every project with the motivation to provide the best solution.

Maybe you're attracted to custom FRP for the fact that we're capable of aesthetically beautiful results with the custom color palette specific to your needs. Or perhaps custom FRP is right for you because it boasts superior performance characteristics, homogenous construction, and high impact resistance. Regardless of your motivation for choosing FRP, our goal at Kal-Lite is to cater our product and our capabilities to your specific application, while delivering a solution that exceeds your expectations.

Reinforced Plastic Sizes and Finishes for Opaque and Translucent FRP

FRP from Kal-Lite is available with a number of finishes to give you the look and feel you need, these include textured, matte, linen, hexpin, smooth, and wood grain.

Custom Reinforced Plastic FRP
  • Sizes include:
  • Thickness: .045", .060", .090", .120" are standard. Others available down to .037" or up to .170" are possible
  • Widths: up to 60", 48" standard.
  • Length: 8', 9', 10' and 12' standard
  • Lengths to 500' available in rolls
  • Custom cuts available.
  • Fire Ratings
  • General purpose; Class C
  • Low Flame, LF Class A
  • Low Flame and Smoke, LF&S; Class A
  • Moldings
  • Matching molding for inside and outside corners are available, as well as end caps and dividers in a variety of lengths and in sizes to handle any Kal-Lite thickness.

Unique Solutions for Your Projects

When you need a solution for a less than ordinary project, we're ready and waiting for the challenge, with custom FRP ready to be cut, colored, and finished to meet your unique specifications.

For more on custom FRP or to learn how Kal-Lite can help you meet your goals, contact us today.