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Kal-Lite develops unique products with demanding standards for a specific customer's use. We truly partner with them to solve their product needs. When we work together great things can happen. Years of cost effective maintenance free use. What can we build for you?

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Water Purification nsf

Problem: A leading water clarifier manufacturer and engineering firm contacted Kal-Lite with a very specific issue: They were in need of a cost effective product to be used in direct contact with drinking water.

Solutions: Kal-Lite H2O
Kal-Lite H2O was developed based on the clarifier manufacturers needs. We developed a formula that is NSF-61 certified and can be immersed in water [direct-contact]. Kal-Lite made the commitment to monitor all materials in depth in all areas of formulation and manufacturing. Strict adherence to our formulation assures quality and consistency. Today, Kal-Lite H2O components are a part of water purification systems around the world for both industrial and municipal applications.

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Door Manufacturing

Problem: The commercial door manufacturing business is full of problems unique to each company’s processes. Some use a proprietary coating requiring a paintable surface; others need solid consistent color throughout the sheeting with a U.V. resistant resin rich surface. Some applications are looking to achieve special fire properties for code requirement.

Kal-Lite has developed a group of products designed to meet and exceed the needs of their unique manufacturing process…

Here are just a few:

  • Cut to size: Minimize waste
  • Custom colors: Gives the end user more reason to choose our customer
  • Paintable: For customers who use coatings for their door. We offer a paintable, no sanding surface
  • Finishes choices: Five finishes to select from
  • Smaller minimum requirements: Help keep your non-stocked inventory low
  • Bondable back: Help any adhesive grip better

By listening to our customers and working closely together we have been very successful meeting or exceeding their requirements.

Insulated Panels Insulated Metal Building Panels Insulated Metal Panels Insulated Metal Panels
Insulated metal building panels Insulated metal building Insulated metal buildings Insulated Graphic for metal buildings

Industrial Metal Building Panels

Problem: Kal-Lite has long been used in industrial metal building panels for its easy to clean interior surface. But in this application, the problem was considered to be the core of the panel itself. Our customer needed something to replace the heavy metal plate used it their product that gives the panel rigidity.

Kal-Lite developed an ultra-thin continuous sheet with a very high concentration of fiberglass. With multiple layers of woven roving and chopped glass we are able to achieve a much greater strength to weight ratio – it is both strong and light! When the sheeting has been laminated to the core insulating material, it became a product strong enough to hold up to the most rigorous testing. In fact, the customers finished product has passed Dade County hurricane testing!

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ULD Containers ULD Container ULD Containers ULD Containers
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ULD: Air freight container

Case: Air Freight Container

Problem: A ULD container manufacturer was in need of a product for a major air freight company. A material was needed that would hold up to that demanding world of airport loading areas with thousands of packages moving in and out, that could handle a variety of worldwide weather conditions, spray from airplane de-icing fluid and jet fuel while on the tarmac. The material also required to pass strict FAA component regulations.

Working with our customer, Kal-Lite was able to produce a group of products that were tailor made to suit their needs. The material passed all required FAA tests in their class, held up to the stress of being loaded and unloaded multiple times. The material is lightweight and chemical resistant, making it ideal for this application. We also entered into a custom cut program to improve our customer’s efficiency. Today, these ULD air freight containers can be found in the skies and being used at airports around the globe.
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